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I bought the project and I dont know why it came with the "PREVIEW" watermarket.. doesnt even make sense, why would it come watermarked..

Sir.. I just bought the animated boss character but i dont know why it came watermarket "preview"... its correct? why it didnt came with every pixel in png idk.. can u help?

senpai you're so cool uwu!!! :DDD [being silly but omgggg I love ur worrrrk]

Hello! I'm working on porting my game "Reaper of Immortal" to PC and I'm using some of your art to rework some enemies/effects in my game, and my god your art is SO GOOD!

I like this guy so much, I'm just wondering if there is a possibility that you could add an extra attack animation, like attack 2? since this is a "boss" and not a normal enemy it would make sense if he had more than 1 basic attack!



Thank you for your support! 

I'm really sorry, but right now I dont have time for new attack animation. :(

 In some near future I will think for possibility to make a new one. 

Thank you! 

Thank you for the reply, no problem, I understand that it takes time to make new stuff, I'll use this character nonetheless because it's already so good, again thank you for making great art, I'll make sure to contact you once I release the PC Port, stay tuned!

Thank you! :)

My lord....amazing!

Thank you! :)

it's so cooooool!
If  more attack animations, it will be better