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Hello everyone, 

Uploading new free character for you - Necromancer.

New enemy was created for my first published game on playmarket - Pixel Mage Survival. Link:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.creativekind.pixelmagesurvival

As I need to promote my project I'm asking you to check my game :) I think it is a good deal for a free character ;)


Idle /Run- 8 frames.

Attack Nr1/Nr2- 13 frames.

Attack Nr3- 17 frames. Was made together with skull spell from Magic Spell Set 4: https://creativekind.itch.io/magic-spell-effects-4

Hurt - 5 frames.

Death -10 frames.

Size 128x128.

- License -

1. Whether your project is commercial or non-commercial, feel free to use this asset.

2. This asset is customizable, so you can make any necessary modifications.

3. It is prohibited to distribute or resell this asset.

Some more of my work:

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Tags2D, Dark, Dark Fantasy, enemy, free, Magic, Pixel Art, Sprites


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Necromancer_creativekind-Sheet.png 48 kB

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Thanks you for this, I used it as a boss for my dungeon crawler, you can try it here: https://jwoozie.itch.io/knight-in-the-dungeon. All the best!

I love the art, and i wish i could play your game. I dont have a google device. If you release for computer or ios. I would love to play i

Hey, I’m creating a free educational game. I’m planning to make it open-source. Your asset is used in one of the main bosses of the game.

Can I redistribute it as CC BY-NC-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/) maybe?

Let me know if you prefer to discuss it via email.


Wow that death animation is awesome!

thank you so much

very nice


for unity users 160x128

Any idea why the pixel doesn't render crispy pixel art in Unity? 

In sprite settings set filter mode to Point and compression to none

Thanks, I also had to increase the max size to 4096

Just set pixel size(in same inspector menu to size you chose for your game (16, 32, 64...)) it will be more optomized

You rock

Nice, 4 stars.

very nice

absolutely love the work, not only can it be used in top down but also platformer.

This is very underrated! Very cool love the animation..