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Hi guys!

New enemy hero "NightBorne", was making him as an enemy for my game. 

No credits required. 


Idle - 9 frames.

Run - 6 frames.

Attack - 12 frames.

Hurt - 5 frames.

Death -23 frames.

Size 80x80.

- License -

1. Whether your project is commercial or non-commercial, feel free to use this asset.

2. This asset is customizable, so you can make any necessary modifications.

3. It is prohibited to distribute or resell this asset.

Some more of my work:

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(73 total ratings)
Tags2D, animatied, Dark, Dark Fantasy, enemy, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Sprites, warrior


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Sadly that this sheet doesn't has jump. But the concept are great. Hope that author will make the jump for futur


free for commercial use?

bro at least say that you reskinned the Xyles Stormblade from Duelyst

why you did'nt remove the BG  and it is'nt a sprite sheet 




This guy is awesome! I used him as the final boss in a little game I made in Godot and he turned out great. Thank you!


Hi, I recently published my game Mikene's Aspects, which uses you asset, check it out.


Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood bro

great work dude!

Bro im using this thanks

good movement i like it 

Amazing work, thankyou

A really great asset. And a great colour palette too. I ended up using it for a lot of enemies in my game. And this fellow in particular is one of the strongest foes. So big thanks for sharing.

When you say Reselling does that include using it as a sprite in a comercial project or no?  

Im assuming reselling includes trying to take this and sell it as our own which is yeah bad form but im more thinking using this for a character in a 2d game and selling it and giving you credit in the future is that okay?

Hi past me upon reading other comments this is used in other games so yeah your good also thanks again  CreativeKind

awesome work thank you!

Great job and thank you for free sharing!

Love it

So gutted this doesn't have a jump. :(  Great asset otherwise

Hi, I recently published my game Light Keeper 2, which uses your asset, check it out.


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Hi thank you for creating these awesome assets, appreciate all the effort you have placed into this. I have used it in my Android game, feel free to check it out: https://melvingm.itch.io/project-mercury

Hi. This looks so good. I've used it in a game.
If you want to check it out here is the link https://azilla.itch.io/dangerous-dungeons

Thank you for that o/

Thank you for sharing! It looks cool!

Hi this looks amazing, wondering if there is only one attack animation?

Yo this looks awesome! I was thinking about putting it as a boss in a game I'm developing that's almost complete, is that ok?



Yes, of course you can.

This animation is free to use, no requirements ))

Hi, I love this asset! I've used it in making a 1GAM challenge and would love to chat to you about making ome more art for my game in the future.

Hi Darren K!

Unfortunately, I'm hobbyist and mostly drawing when have free time and most importantly inspiration. :)

Right now, I have to many not finished projects and besides wanna go for gamedev once more. :)

okay, good luck! :D

Thanks you for making this. Used in a youtube video.

Hi Collin!

Thank you for using my art and sharing! Besides, thank you for making a godot tutorial.
I really appreciate it!

Hello, Thank you - I think the art made the tutorial :).  I have learnt so much by doing the tutorial but not sure when I will do another one.

this is really cool can i use it in my free android game of course you will be credited 



You can use it in both free and commercial projects and modify to suit your own needs :)

really cool! Still haven't used it but wanted to give back some feedback. Keep up the good work

that awsome realy cool!!

I really can't wait to see this game you're making!

This is soooo good man!